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By managing all or part of the project, we are able to offer various services to help you achieve the right solution. However, as we specialise in contract packing, all projects must include the production operation.


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Good communication is essential to ensure your expectations are met. We will initially discuss your requirements by phone, which if mutually acceptable will be followed up by a visit to either your premises or for you to visit Gemini Packing Services Ltd. A full specification of requirements will be mutually agreed and an estimate of the costs and delivery date will be submitted to you.


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We can offer a service to help you design your packaging requirements. This may involve using third party expertise depending upon your needs. Gemini Packing Services have close connections to many companies and will use that wealth of experience to help find the right solution for you. This includes physical pack design and graphic design if required.


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Once a full specification has been agreed and an order placed, we are able to source the packaging or if you prefer you supply us with your packaging. We have the facility to accept orders via excel. In addition, we are able to use your data such as Material Masters and Bills of Materials to generate our production orders. This allows us to ensure we have the correct materials for production”.

Quality Check

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We check all packaging and goods entering our premises, which will include all and materials supplied by you. A check will be made against the documentation you have supplied. At this point, we would be happy to supply samples prior to production. Bar codes are verified by taking random samples and using a calibrated bar code verifier. Finally, we use our “exit approval” process to check that the goods are packed before they leave our premises (this includes any inner or outer cartons).


We can arrange delivery to your specified delivery point within the UK. Alternatively, you can collect if you prefer. Customer order fulfilment may be a requirement, but we would need to assess volumes and frequency of your customer orders. We would be happy to discuss any of the above options.